Girls Basketball Hoodie Navy Fleck Hoops



Girls Basketball Hoodie Navy Fleck Hoops is from our Fall 2016 Hoodie Collection. NEW style fleece this year with a fleck or a triblend marled look. The Flourescent Yellow HOOPS design on the navy fleck Hoodie is stunning and you won’t find this design anywhere else.Triple Threat Hoodies are soft,oversized and perfect for keeping you warm during this chilly time of year.Look great on and off the court. #borntoball #triplethreathoops

*Super soft 100% Polyester fleece
*New Fleck Fleece is trendy 
*Men’s oversize fit
*Silkscreened, no peeling
*Matches flannels and fleece pants


Product Description

Girls basketball hoodie navy fleck hoops is from Triple Threat Hoops Fall 2016 Collection. New Navy Fleck fleece in 100% super soft fleece is so comfortable you won't ever want to take it off. The flourescent yellow teamed witht he electric blue set the stage for a fantastic design combo. Silk screened so no peeling in the washer or dryer like you would with a heat pressed garment. Triple Threat Hoops offers a variety of sizes from Adult Small all the way to adult extra large and has free shipping on orders over $50. Join our team on the signup page and get 15% off your first web order. Enjoy shopping at Triple Threat Hoops basketball apparel.