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September 3, 2017
Basketball Hoody Pink Camo


Basketball Hoodie Pink Camo is from our Signature Collection. Triple Threat Hoops hoodies are soft,oversized and perfect to keep you warm during this chilly time of year. Beautiful Flourescent Pink,Pink,Flourescent yellow,White Camo design looks great on the navy and white marled soft fleece hoodie. Don’t forget to buy the BASKETBALL fleece pants to complete your outfit. Enjoy wearing your Triple Threat Hoops apparel.

*Super Soft 100% Polyester Preshrunk Fabric
*Navy/White Marbled color is Trendy this season Trendy
*Oversize Fit
*Silkscreened, No Peeling
*Matches Fleece Pants



 Basketball Hoodie Pink Camo is one of Triple Threat Hoops trendiest designs.Therefore on this hoodie we use a trendy navy and white marbled polyester fleece. Add a beautiful multi color pink BASKETBALL Camo design and it's a winner. All our hoodies are silkscreened so no peeling even after many washings. For that reason our hoodies are also preshrunk to give the quality you expect. All our hoodies have the softest fleece inside. You'll never want to take them off. Free shipping on any orders over $50. Finally look at the matching fleece pants to make the perfect outfit. Be sure to check out our Lil' Hoopers and Hoops Mom collections as well. We have basketball apparel for the whole family.