About Triple Threat Hoops™

Triple Threat Hoops was established in 2006. The big idea was to design, develop and market a branded casual basketball line that can be worn on and off the court. 

Triple Threat Hoops designs with color, trend, fit and quality as the basis of our concentration. We design Hoodies, Tees, Flannels, Shorts, etc. That color coordinate as an outfit or a stand-alone.

The Triple Threat Hoops logo is trademarked and represents the core values in basketball; dribble, pass, shoot. I believe you will enjoy the fresh approach TTH takes when designing for the lady hooper.

"Play Hard, Look Good” is our motto. I hope you enjoy your TTH gear and keep coming back for more and spread the word to all of your friends and teammates.

Triple Threat Hoops sells basketball apparel at local tournaments in a grass roots community based approach. We need your help getting the word out to the community that we are a legitimate brand and are selling really cool and trend based apparel for the lady hooper. Please support Triple Threat Hoops thru following us on Instagram or Facebook and letting all your teammates and fellow Moms know we are the place to shop for lady hoops apparel whatever age you are. Triple Threat Hoops carries Infant,toddler,youth and adult sizes, so we cover every age in our product line.

Please let us know how we are doing by contacting us on the contact us page and anyway
we can make Triple Threat Hoops a better brand for the future.

Thanks for supporting the TTH brand,Jane Fischer, Owner

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